The Cost-Effective and Versatile Footing

The Surefoot T150 offers exceptional versatility, making it ideal for diverse applications like decks, porches, sheds, and even solar panel installations. Its 3 pile design ensures strength and stability, while streamlining the installation process.

Load Capacity - Up to 35kN

Bolting Pattern - 147mm x 3 x 16mm Holes

Installation Time - 20 minutes approx.

Micro Piles - 3 x 32NB (Nominal Bore) 42.4OD
Galvanised Pipe

surefoot pile cap t150

The Preferred Choice for Solar Arrays

Surefoot's Pile Cap T150 revolutionizes the footing selection process for solar farms. This innovative footing acts as a tension foundation, effectively resisting wind uplift and excessive movement while maintaining both stability and flexibility for solar panel structures. This adaptability, combined with the T150's rapid installation time of 20 minutes per pile, makes it suitable for various soil types and remote locations.

Decking with the T150

The Surefoot Pile Cap T150 offers a cost-effective and efficient foundation solution for decks of all sizes. Its quick and clean installation process takes only an average of 20 minutes and eliminates the need for concrete, reducing costs and project timelines. This versatility makes it ideal for residential decks, extensions, and even large projects like those found in mining camps and accommodation structures


Fencing with Surefoot

Don't let a weak foundations compromise your fence! Choosing the right footings is crucial for maintaining a strong, secure, and visually appealing fence over time. Inadequate footings can cause leaning, impacting both the aesthetics and functionality of your fence, regardless of the material you choose.

Surefoot offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional concrete. Working in various penetrable soils, from silts and clays to small gravels and even rock. More than just for fences, Surefoot provides a multi-purpose and efficient solution wherever traditional concrete footings are typically used.