S400 - 12 PILE

The S400 is heavily used throughout the commercial industry. It can be used for mining camps, dome shelters, modular buildings, solar farms, crane rails, light poles and much more.


Bolting Pattern

198-250 PCD x 4 x 22mm holes

300-350 PCD x 4 26mm x holes

Load Capacity

Up to 200kN

Micro Piles

12 x 32NB (Nominal Bore) 42.4OD
Galvanised Pipe Light, Medium, Heavy

Avg. installation time

20 minutes approx.

General Info

Designed to take higher loads in the renewable energy, residential and commercial sector. The S400 – 12 pile model is also considered as our universal model as 8 ,10 or 12 micro piles could be specified by our engineering team to accommodate your requirements.

It can accommodate up to 200kN of gravity load and has an average installation time of 35 – 45 minutes. With untapped potential within many industries including the military, this innovative, reliable footing system will continue to revolutionize the way the construction industry operates



Eliminating the need for concrete slab footings, the Surefoot hybrid all-in-one system is suited to remote areas due to its portability and quick installation times.

Laying the foundation for mining camp living quarters, dining areas and storage facilities, the Surefoot steel pile footing protects against extreme weather conditions. It is a cost effective alternative to the traditional concrete slab foundation, making it ideal for all mining infrastructure projects.