S250 - 4 PILE

The S250 is the perfect foundation for a wide variety of commercial and residential projects, from tie-downs to modular homes and much more.



Bolting Pattern

147mm x 3 x 16mm Holes

Load Capacity

Up to 75kN

Micro Piles

4 x 32NB (Nominal Bore) 42.4OD
Galvanised Pipe Light, Medium, Heavy

Avg. installation time

10 minutes approx.


General Info

Our S250's are the perfect solution for speeding up your construction program. They are cleaner and greener than traditional footing systems, as they require minimal disturbance to the building site.

They can hold up to 75 kN and can be installed in an average of 10-15 minutes. This means that you can get your project up and running quickly, without having to worry about delays caused by traditional footing systems.

Our footings are more cost-effective than traditional footing systems. They require less labor and materials, which can save you money on your project. In addition, Surefoot footings are more environmentally friendly than traditional footing systems. They do not require the use of concrete, which can be harmful to the environment.

If you are looking for a way to speed up your construction program, save money, and be more environmentally friendly, then Surefoot footings are the perfect solution for you.

Modular Buildings

S250 footings are the quickest and most convenient option for modular buildings. They are easy to install and have immediate load capacity, which can save you time and money. S250 footings also come with a variety of connection detail options to suit your specific needs.

Highbury Homes (edit)


Offering cutting edge steel footings that are suitable for all construction work in need of a foundation, the Surefoot concrete free footing provides superior loading capabilities when compared to screw piers and conventional footings such as bored and concrete piers. Both quick to install and dismantle the footings are fully recyclable and can be returned to their raw state in order to produce more steel footings when required.

Providing optimal stability and minimal soil and substrate disruption, they are the footing of choice for cyclone tie downs. Tested and certified in cyclonic prone areas, ensure your building project is optimally protected and built to withstand uplift, shear and environmentally challenging conditions. The Surefoot can be installed in all wind categories.