The Superior Choice for Your Modular Building Project

While other foundation options exist for modular buildings, Surefoot footings have many advantages that make them the best choice for your next project.

1. Speed and Efficiency: An all-in-one footing and tiedown system, Surefoot utilizes steel piles driven directly into the ground, eliminating the need for extensive excavation, concrete pouring, and curing time like traditional foundations. This significantly reduces installation time, accelerating the overall construction process and saving on costs associated with extended project timelines.

2. Cost Savings: Elimination of expensive pull out test & concrete work reduces project cost significantly.

3. Diverse Soil Conditions: Unlike concrete foundations that might struggle with challenging "reactive soils," Surefoot footings effectively handle a wider range of soil types. This increases your options for selecting a suitable building site and potentially avoiding additional soil treatment or foundation modifications that can add time and cost to your project.

4. Minimal Site Disruption or removal of spoil: Our footings are installed using a jackhammer, compared to traditional methods needing heavy machinery, leading to minimal disruption to the building site and removal of spoil.

5. Immediate Load Capacity and Stability: Surefoot boasts immediate load capacity, allowing immediate placement of modular units on the foundation. This accelerates construction and enables faster project completion.

6. Uplift and Compression Resistance: The design of Surefoot footings offers resistance to both upward and downward forces, ensuring long-term stability.

Think outside concrete: Build concrete-free with Surefoot