Guildford Grammar School

Guildford Grammar School, a prestigious institution in Western Australia, faced a unique challenge when constructing a new pathway connecting the original building to their new dormitories. Limited access to concrete and the presence of a heritage tree in close proximity to the planned foundation presented significant obstacles for traditional construction methods.

Seeking an innovative and adaptable solution, Guildford Grammar opted for Surefoot footings. This pre-engineered foundation system proved to be the ideal choice for several reasons:

Accessibility: Unlike traditional concrete foundations requiring extensive excavation and pouring, Surefoot utilizes pre-driven steel piles, eliminating the need for heavy machinery and minimizing disruption to the surrounding area. This proved crucial in navigating the limited access to the designated pathway, especially considering the close proximity of the heritage tree.

Environmental Friendliness: Surefoot's minimal excavation approach helped preserve the integrity of the heritage tree, minimizing any potential impact on its root system. This aligned with Guildford Grammar's commitment to environmental responsibility and ensured the preservation of this valuable historical landmark.

Efficiency and Accuracy: The pre-engineered nature of Surefoot footings allowed our team to install each footing, including stumps and top brackets, with precision and efficiency. This ensured the correct height and alignment for the subsequent placement of beams by the carpenters, streamlining the overall construction process.

The successful implementation of Surefoot footings in this project showcases the versatility and effectiveness of this innovative foundation system. It demonstrates how Surefoot can address unique challenges and contribute to the successful completion of construction projects while maintaining respect for the environment and historical significance.