T150 - 3 PILE

Our T150 is perfect for a variety of applications, including decks, porches, and sheds & solar panels


surefoot pile cap t150

Bolting Pattern

147mm x 3 x 16mm Holes

Load Capacity

Up to 35kN

Micro Piles

3 x 32NB (Nominal Bore) 42.4OD
Galvanised Pipe Light, Medium, Heavy

Installation time

10 minutes approx.

Solar Industry

The footing selection is a critical component in the installation of PV solar panel support structures found on solar farms the world over. Working as tension foundations the Surefoot Footing effectively negotiates uplift forces generated by wind or excessive movement, ensuring both stability and flexibility without loss of functionality.

With an average installation time of 10 minutes, the Pile Cap T150 has been developed to accommodate site specific footing and soil types depending on geographical and climatic ranges


Manufactured to support a varied selection of deck sizes, the Pile Cap T150 will install quickly and cleanly and is both cost effective and efficient. Ideal for residential decks it is also used for larger decking projects such as those found at mining camps and accommodation structures.

With an average installation of 10 minutes (depending on the project size) protect the construction of small extension projects with Surefoot concrete free footings.


Regardless of the fencing material chosen, without the correct footing in place the overall integrity of the fence is compromised. Inadequate footings will lead to fence leaning over time impacting both the aesthetics and functionality of the fence.

The Surefoot Footing is a stabilising infrastructure that can be used in any penetrable soil, including silts, clays, small gravels and even rock. A multi-purpose footing, the Surefoot system is an innovative alternative in all construction applications where a concrete footing can be used.